Understanding women’s fertility chances in their 20’s, 30’s & 40’s

    What’s the preferred age to get pregnant? For any family, the right time to have a child is more of a personal choice.But in today’s time and age, when pregnancy is the last thing on the minds of young, career driven women in India, is it ever too late? When it comes to dealing with […]

    Female Infertility – Symptoms & Causes

    Infertility rate, in both men and women, has increased significantly in the last five years; these figures are as staggering as 20-30% increase in infertility cases. However, as compared to men, identifying the causes of infertility in women is easier and also the incidences are higher in women. During the 20s, the female fertility is […]

    Effects of Age on Fertility

    For any couple, it is an exciting decision to start their own family. The first question that comes to one’s mind, who is trying to conceive is, how long it will take to know the good news. While some are lucky to get pregnant as planned, others spend futile years trying to conceive. It’s true […]

    Infertility in Men – A Growing Concern

    Out of the total number of infertility cases, approximately half of the cases cite male infertility as the primary reason. Almost 2% of all men have low sperm parameters, according to a report published on the website of National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Either they have low sperm concentration, low motility of sperms or […]